SMC FA* 80-200/2.8

Contributed by John Francis. All images are (C) 1999 John Francis.

Resolution, distortions and light fall-off

f 1:2.8 f 1:4 f 1:5.6 f 1:8 f 1:11
80 mm
120 mm
150 mm
200 mm

The images were shot on Kodak Royal Gold 400 (at shutter speeds between 1/500 and 1/8000; California sunshine is bright!), and scanned on a Nikon Coolscan LS-30 at 2700dpi.
I've included shots at f2.8, 4, 5.6, 8 & 11. Note, in particular, the intensity dropoff at f2.8. For the f2.8 shots I've included detail images from the middle of the image and from the corner.
There are images from the FA* 80-200/2.8 at 80, 120, 150 & 200mm, and images from the A* 200mm/2.8 for comparison purposes.
Overall the FA* zoom performs pretty well.  There is a little pincushion distortion visible at some focal lengths, but nothing too extreme.